2010년 11월 16일 화요일

"The Train episode 01" Official Trailer

I just got this game.
It looks like... um... a mixture of that old classic "The Last Express" and FF7 world.

2010년 11월 10일 수요일

Story Maker: Horror & Thriller version 1.5 update!

New version is uploaded on AppStore today!
As I said, Japanese option & Lock function are added to the version 1.5.
Please click here or the banner on the right side of the blog.

2010년 11월 9일 화요일


Jihyun Lim

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I wanna put this on the side bar... but no idea how to...

Cupcake Cafe

Food tycoon or Food making games are always my favorite.
Cupcake Cafe is a simple, cute mini game from an indie dev.
You have to run your cafe for 30 days(mean there are 30 levels) and according to your play, you can get 1~3 stars. 
The game itself is quite simple. 
Just touch some toppings to make a cupcake and touch the cupcake to serve it. 
Sound easy, huh? But not easy to get all 3 stars for 30 days. 

Girl, Hunter and Wolf(GH&W) ver 1.1 Promo Codes


Here are some promo codes of newer version.
Please get any codes and leave a reply.

Girl, Hunter and Wolf(GH&W) ver 1.1 update!

Today, GH&W ver 1.1 is uploaded!
Please update the game!!! Everything is moving faster!!!

2010년 11월 8일 월요일

Adventure Project using Story Maker

I decided to write a story for my secret adventure project with my friend using Story Maker.
The image above is the concept of the storyline.
The translation is...(Be generous please. You know... my English is not so good...)
Character1(Hero): An oldman who is getting younger after his resurrection 
Character2(Villan): A priest who thinks himself as the chosen one to destroy Evil
Location: A fast-growing temple
Event: The hero is regaining his lost memory

Maybe the stage is set in 19th century, somewhere in Europe.
Of course, the game is for iPhone.


I added 3 banners of our released apps on the right side of the blog. See?
As I recently submitted new version of other 2 apps and they are not yet approved, I didn't make banners.
Please click banners to get apps. 2 of them are FREE!!! and I will update them slowly but continuously!

2010년 11월 3일 수요일

Simple Layout of the next project

Before making salad shop game, I decided making easier (to me) game.
'Cafe HotChoco' is the one.
It's a simple Hot Chocolate making game and the image above is the basic layout of the game screen.
Maybe you can guess from the image what kind of game it is.
You pour boiling-hot chocolate, add some toppings to it and serve it to the guest.
I want to make this game easy, simple, fancy and tasty.
My plan is... um... submitting before X-mas holiday but I'm not sure I can as I'm also doing updates for released projects. 
This is just a layout plan, not a real image of the game, of course!

2010년 11월 2일 화요일

Helsing's Fire

As Wackyland Boss keeps crashing, I cannot play...
So I started to find some woo... fresh meat.... and got this one!!!!
As the title says, the concept of the game is based on the Gothic legend, Dracula. But the star is Van Helsing, not the Vampire King.
Nonononono, the star is not the master vampire killer but the TORCH!
Check the movie above. Great puzzle game.

2010년 11월 1일 월요일

Chillingo Presents...Wackylands Boss

I love this game!!! HaHaHa!!!
This is my Boss Chocorong. 
As I just started the game, Chocorong is Level 3.
When you eat a Princess... you know what? Boss recovers his(her) health! I really like this part!

Next update of Story Maker is soon.

Today, I submitted ver. 1.5 of Story Maker: Horror & Thriller.
This time, I added Japanese version and also 'Lock' function.
I removed glossy effect from the icon... now I can see the blood stain more clearly...

2010년 10월 31일 일요일

Update of GH&W is coming

I heard some opinions about the game today, so decided to update the game soon.

Next Update contains below.
- The game speed is increased.
- Spawns more coins
- Tweaked "seam" bug.

This is my mistake.
Sorry to disturb you.

2010년 10월 30일 토요일

Girl, Hunter and Wolf - paid iPhone/iPad app for free with promo code

Girl, Hunter and Wolf - paid iPhone/iPad app for free with promo code: "I got this cool app for free with a promo code by a single button click!"

Girl, Hunter & Wolf Play Movie

Game play movie.
GH&W is now available on the AppStore!!

Eddie Trailer e-Pig in App Store

e-Pig is very cute little puzzle game.
The gameplay reminds me that old classic 'Lemmings'.
So chubby-looking pink pig with wet blue eyes is running through dangerous traps and scary beasts and your role is just helping him.
Um... kinds of brain teaser but still nice game.

Game Idea Maker is ranked 66 in France

Hey, this is good start.
It's free. I hope this little App is useful to every game dev.

2010년 10월 28일 목요일

2010년 10월 26일 화요일

Idea Sketch of GH&W

This sketch was the beginning of the project.
At first, it was side-scroller. I wanted some real "Path" feeling in the forest so changed the screen from landscape to portrait.

We started making NEW game today.

Yes, as title of this post says, we just started our new project today.
It's kind of mini tycoon-style game called "Rich Panda's Salad Tycoon"(tentative title)
I draw some rough layout of the play screen and my sister is doing some concept arts.
As soon as she makes basic concept, I'll post it here.
I hope you like it.

2010년 10월 25일 월요일

Let's Create! Pottery HD - gameplay tutorial

I'm playing iPhone version.
Ooooooh, I wish I had iPad!!!

Prototype Image of GH&W

This is the prototype of "Girl, Hunter & Wolf".
At the beginning the concept was retro RPG style, but my sister-Rich Panda- suggested 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

GH&W has a little bit SLOW gameplay relative to that of similar games. I wanted to express the anxiety and fear of a little girl who has to pass the dark forest which is full of beasts through the slow movement.
Can you feel that?

2010년 10월 24일 일요일

Sir Lovalot for iPhone/iPod Touch

I love this game more than Doodle jump these days.
The concept is interesting and S/E is so cool including awesome voice acting. (When he dies his line is "Love me!!!")
The only bad point of this game is, sometimes you cannot see steps well as the tower is 3D.

Augmented Reality - Explained by Common Craft (Free Version)

Great movie which explains AR

Our next projects

We are considering food-making mini game as our next project.
I love this theme as I have to TEST some delicious looking foods to make a game!

And also I'm working on Arabic Alphabet learning app in Korean & English. ( I'd like to make some Arabic apps because Arabic is my major. :-) )
I hope this app might help korean high-school students who chose Arabic as their 2nd language.
Arabic is so beautiful... shapes, pronunciation and grammar...

This is so weird HAHA

Faces is ranked 372 in entertainment in Italy yesterday, but number of downloads in italy is not much. Weird...

Anyway, Faces is tested with my sister's friends babies 3 days ago, and fortunately they liked it. I'm so glad about this.
I know this one doesn't make any money for me but I'm satisfied as my intension for this App worked all right. Kids love simple one.
Next time I wanna add better animations and S/E than Faces: Halloween.

2010년 10월 23일 토요일

About HotChoco Games

We are game-making sisters living in SEOUL, South Korea.

CaptainChoco: Indie Game Creator. Do game design & developing & other chores.
Rich Panda: 3D Artist. Do graphics and... some freaky things...

More images from Girl, Hunter & Wolf

Here are more images from my new game.

Game Idea Maker on the way!

On 20, I submitted Game Idea Maker.
Actually I made this one for me. So it's free!! HEHE!!
I love these kinds of tools for brainstorming.
The basic system is the same with StoryMaker, but this time I added LOCK function.

2010년 10월 22일 금요일

Faces: Halloween

Faces: Halloween is my 3rd App on AppStore.
I made this one in 3 hours and it was quite a challenge.

Faces is a simple but funny toy for little kids. Just touch monster's face with fingers and monster will show some interesting reactions.

We've tested this App with several little babies and their favorite character was Pumpkin!!!

StoryMaker: Horror & Thriller

StoryMaker: Horror & Thriller is my 2nd App on AppStore and helps you to generate story concepts randomly.
If you are a writer or need to make a story for your books, games, animations just try StoryMaker.

StoryMaker supports Korean only for now but we are planning to add japanese option soon.

Find Your Treasure

Find Your Treasure is my first App on AppStore for iPhone.
It's very simple but helpful relaxation tool.

I believe our life is a big ocean and we are like a ship which is finding our own treasure island in life.
But as you know, you will meet enemies, storms and big sharks! 
Or you may get tired during your long journey... I'm sure you do.

Yeah, this is the basic concept of "Find Your Treasure".
On the ocean, you can get some bottle messages from wise people and these messages will give you inspiration and power to endure all the hard times and show you the right direction to the treasure island.

2010년 10월 21일 목요일

I've finished my first GAME!!

Today I submitted my first "GAME".
This is my 5th App on Appstore.(one is waiting for review)
It took one and a half month from designing to developing and the whole steps were so much fun. 
I've learned lots of things through making this game. Save, load, animations, unlock etc.
Hope making better one next time.